ZIGCAM Projects

Zigcam Projects – a new era in production partnership.

Zigcam Projects works with some of the top production companies around the globe to help support and deliver a variety of large scale productions. Our team has a wealth of experience in the film, television and digital media industries and a proven track record in helping to create high end content.
We can work with you to offer our experience and technical knowledge to create bespoke solutions for whatever your production requires, whether it’s a classic three camera shoot or a much lager scale 25 camera production with multiple galleries. We can also work to a cost effective budget whilst still keeping to your creative idea’s, meaning you get the best value for your money.
At Zigcam we offer cutting edge technology alongside a highly experienced and respected team with the skills and knowledge to help get your project off the ground, and we’ll work in partnership with you right through to transmission ensuring the highest levels of production value possible. Whether that’s planning your project, facilitating your production with high grade kit and crew, or delivering your final edit.
Get in touch to see how we can help you get your project off the ground at info@zigcam.tv
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Case Study – Large Scale Reality TV Show

During 2021 we helped facilitate one of the largest TV productions of the year in the whole of the UK, with no fewer than 21 PSC cameras, multiple specialist cameras, lighting design and implementation and large scale remote gallery with global live-viewing capabilities.
We joined forces with our very carefully selected and trusted suppliers to scale up our inventory and work-force to completely facilitate this 6 week shoot with over 400 crew members across an 800 acre country estate. We supported the production process from the very beginning and working closely with our partners we created a bespoke gallery system that was able to feedback images from multiple shoot locations across the estate to a large centralised viewing gallery. From there the pictures were privately beamed across the world to allow remote viewing access for production staff based abroad. We created and supplied a bespoke cine camera package that integrated seamlessly with the gallery.  In addition to this, our in house lighting specialist, along with a large lighting team, was responsible for the creating the look of the show.
At the time of writing this no further details details of the production can be given for legal reasons but we hope to update this article with more information soon.

Case Study – GP’s Behind Closed Doors

We designed and installed a bespoke 34 camera fixed-rig system for this award wining and returning series for Channel 5. Working closely with the production team and the doctors themselves we built a unique fixed-rig system the blended in perfectly with the building so as not to obstruct the day-to-day running of the surgery or draw attention to the production process, thus insuring true fly-on-the-wall documentary film making.